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Strong Nations signs Historical Deal

Hey thank you for your comments I hope I can keep your interests with some good to great topics and news briefs.

RECENTLY our Strong Readers team celebrated a huge progression in our creative journey, we signed a distribution deal with Pearsons Publishing, based in Toronto. Pearsons is the largest publishing company in Canada and  they cover much more of the education network than a small company like Strong Nations could ever do.cropped-Lnghs-ws-words.jpg

We are all excited to let Pearsons do their job (which they do quite well based on their impressive track record) so that we can focus on what we do best as well, and that is writing and illustrating more topics that will keep on changing the face of education.

Congratulations Terri, Ken and Brenda! It has been  an amazing journey so far, with some new fantastic projects already in the works. Three years of hard work and amazing results and progress, so thankful to a part of the Strong Nations Team.  Changing so many lives, students and teachers alike, keep up the awesome work!

Hey it's my turn to read out loud
Hey it’s my turn to read out loud

It totally impresses me to see how Terri Mack and Brenda Boreham so passionately and intelligently write all these powerful little books, and they are helping me to read gooder too. It’s a miracle.

Follow your dreams people, and never give up when there are stumbling blocks, which their always are. Remember that many others have built the railways and bridges so that we too could get places quicker.