We are happy to announce that the Ravensong Canoe will be taking another journey on land to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre, located in Errington on Vancouver Island.

The 590 year old canoe was last seen at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver at the Pan Pacific Hotel, where it was the first ever dugout canoe to be portaged up anything, this was 2 flights of escalators to the 3rd floor where she was put on display at the BC Aboriginal Tourism Cultural Education Village.

Bill Helin will be sharing stories about the creation and paddling of the beautiful hand carved vessel, crafted in the traditional fashion of the Tsimshian/Tlingit nations of the North West Coast.

There will also be a book launch of the Tlingit Ravensong Book that Bill just completed and an official Ravensong welcoming ceremony at the Wildlife Centre ( NIWRA ), which is fast becoming the main tourist attraction and interactive education destination on Vancouver Island.

Book signing at event!

For schedule of events and more info go to their website, www.

Always on the creative survival trail in this ever changing, ever challenging global economy I take on a new creative journey ever week or so. I always have a number of misclanious projects on the go, some that take years to complete.

I really enjoy sharing my experience and experiences with young people and children. Both my artist in residence projects were incredible and exhausting, as are a lot of my bigger projects these days.

I spend a lot of time tending to my health and rest time to enable me to keep up to all the new younger artists and designers that are taking over the creative world. I spend many hours learning online programs and marketing ideas from other professionals, mostly in the digital art world. It`s all so fascinating, but it`s also taking the value oway from fine art and fine art reproductions.

Bill Helin`s latest Artist in Residence project started in Feb of 2014 at Dover Bay Senior Secondary School in Nanaimo B.C.

Over 65 students signed up to assist Mr. Helin on the 15 ft tall red cedar sculpture which will, when completed, greet everyone as they enter the foyer of the school with open wings.

Funded by the ArtStarts program, Fortis Gas, and a small contribution from the Aboriginal Education Society, the 5 month project runs 3 days a week in a small room near the entrance of the school.


 "I only wanted the opportunity to do this project if it was going to focus on including the First Nations students with all other Nationalities. 

I`m tired of the governmental mentality that separates our First Nations people from other Canadians in our country. We are one Nation as Canadians and that is what the story of this totem pole displays.

TOTEM STORY - There is a Salish style Eagle at the top, respecting the territory of the Salish Nation. Three dolphins represent the students and the human character at the base represents the teachers, resting on the treasure box of wisdom and knowledge."  Bill Helin

For more info or to book a session with your school or media company, contact Janis Uvanile 250-797-5699 or Erin Moody at 250-739-0994 or Bill Helin at 250-240-1007


Authentic Guided Reading Series !

Our exciting education project has been a wonderful success since after it launched earlier this year.

We have now created 80 Strong Readers guided reading books for the public school network, which are all receiving rave revues from both educators and the children.

"Ever since this creative journey started with Strong Nations, I have been amazed by the responses, from teachers especially. As an illustrator I have never felt so blessed to be a part of such an important and revolutionary education project."      Bill Helin



OR CONTACT TERRI MACK at: terri@strongnations.com

POCAHONTAS , IRENE BEDARD, visits with BILL HELIN in beautiful Victoria B.C.

Irene Bedard is one of the most famous Aboriginal actors in America, gaining great fame as the voice and model for Disney`s Pocahontas animation movies, part one and the sequel.

Bill was blessed with her company when they met a mutual friend, film producer and art collector, Thom Denome (Fern Productions), from Alberta.

The three met to discuss a couple movie scripts and to invite Ms.Bedard to be a spokesperson for Strong Nations, to encourage better education and reading skills for aboriginal children.

"We had a great day in the sun discussing movie script ideas and requesting Ms.Bedard`s support as a spokesperson for our new education and resource business, `Strong Nations`. She is very supportive of the idea and has always been an advocate for better education and opportunities for aboriginal people.

She has a great sense of humour and really represents her Alaskan heritage with great passion. Her family originates from the same area as my Grandmaother did. Our cultural traditions are very similar as are our concerns for children and their educations and health."    Bill Helin


As of April 2012 Bill Helin has joined forces with Strong Nations Resource and Education Company in Nanaimo B.C. SNs is owned and operated by Ken and Terri Mack, a husband and wife team with many years experience in the Aboriginal Education network,all across Canada.


Strong Nations - First Nations, Inuit & Metis Books, Discounted Prices for All!



We have finished a 11 month long production of 87 books, 34 of those containing Bill`s artwork and the  other 25 books have nice photo images. Written by the experienced team at Strong Nations in Nanaimo B.C.


One of those 87 books is the Mouse that starts a winter party in the snowy forest, while the moon spirit watches over them. Written by Terri Mack and illustrated by Bill Helin, Terri`s first published childrens storybook for the open market. Go to Strong Nations for ordering or contact is for an artist signed copy.NOW AVAILABLE

Any teachers or schools interested in this wonderful project for your school and students please contact Terri Mack at the SNs website link.





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